Packages Out of Date - Link to ISP Upload Speed Problem?

Over and over tonight flying on the East USA server, flying along the main islands of Indonesia the dreaded ‘Packages Out of Date’ message popped up. I tried the 'turn data on, save, and alt+f4 immediately to try and stop it. Sim restarted - same thing after 5 min. Logbook wiped out, again - 25hrs now 0.

Took the folder I’d backed up from the Store blah blah SystemAppData\wgs, overwrote it, got my logbook back minus last 2 days of flying hours, 14hrs showing. 5 min later - ‘Packages Out of Date’ error AGAIN.

During this time, as I was whining/huffing/puffing/complaining to my pal, FlyingCookie, I was trying to upload images to him on Discord about the messages I was getting, but the uploads wouldn’t really ‘upload’.

I was struggling to get a 2MB image to upload to him despite having Gigabit internet service. So I decided to do a speed test to check - it wasn’t the first time I’ve had this problem - I had really poor upload speeds about 6 weeks ago.
Sure enough, effectively I had 0 upload speed (0.23Mbps). Also, last time this happened my neighbour complained of the same problem, different PC (Apple), different bldg, different internet account - same Xfinitiy upload speed issue.

I called Xfinity tonight, and after an hour of them trying to insist it was one of the 5 PCs on the network that was at fault (all different, 3 hardwired, 1 laptop on Wifi, and 1 laptop shut down, hardwired), finally I was able to convince them it wasn’t any of the hardware. They are sending a tech to check outside equipment and inside.

What I am wondering, all these ‘Packages Out of Date’ messages - has anyone else noticed this popping up around problems like what I have described? My DL speeds are fast, between 600Mbps to 940Mbps, but the entire time the UL speed never made it to 2Mbps when normally it is about 40Mbps. There must be something MS needs, to verify the sim, and at some point, because I can’t upload that info in the background, the Packages message appears.

What is odd though is I am sure we are all on different services, yet seeing this now at the same time. Perhaps it is a combo of things - maybe something has been added in the background that is asking for some kind of verification throughout our flights that wasn’t happening prior to this, but each time I have had this happen, the internet connection has been involved.

Just thought I’d toss this out there because while I cannot upload, no matter what I do I cannot run the sim for long without that message.

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