PACX TFDi add on question


I have been using the PACX add on bringing the simulation of having passengers and a flight crew to flying with the Airbus. I love it. It adds so much more realism just but adding that simulation.

My question is it states there is over 800 recordings and “no flight will be the same”

I have flown quite a few flights with it and I feel like I hear the exact same word for word briefings and all. Besides when you land and they say the location and temp.

I know there’s a way to instal custom safety briefings but I was curious if there was other ones already installed.

Can the stewardess voice change? Can the announcements differ every other word?

I just feel I have heard the same things at the same times.

Anyone using this add on have any idea or is this how the mod works? (Which I’ll be okay with)

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The “800 recordings” are a bit of a marketing trick. They recorded many airport names. Not all of the airports in the world but many. Plus the recordings for special events (if you have them activated). That’s the 800 recordings. The normal/basic announcements are pretty much the same on every flight (with slight variations). Also there’s only one voice for each crew member (purserette, cpt, fo).

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I wish there was another voice at least, that would be cool.

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That makes sense. That what I was starting think too but just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on other cool features.

Where can you activate those?

You can set incidents and they’ll say things like there’s a passenger who’s sick, that needs immediate attention, etc. Those are the special events. I don’t like to use them. I don’t want to divert my flight, I just want to fly an incident-free flight. Hahahaha.

Ohh got it! Thanks so that’s how you get additional voices :+1:

Amen. I’d rather let him die, than divert. :grin:

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I have a question about pacx, how do you keep the HUD at the bottom off permanently? I hate having to go into the taskbar every time I start a flight.

You can’t. At least I didn’t find a way.

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Well that’s a shame… hope it gets added

You can set a shortcut (keyboard or controller) to hide the bottom HUD though (in the PACX settings).

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