Paderborn Airport Update

there is now update while in the marketplace the version is still 1.0.3001.
Whill there come a update via the content manager?

I fully expect that the update will make its way to the marketplace version in the sim and that the content manager will advise the update is available.

There is usually a lag time between when updates are available for those who obtained a product external to the sim and those who acquired it through the marketplace.

The weekly Dev Updates (e.g. this week’s) also include information, external to the sim, as to which add ons have been updated within the marketplace for that week… if that is helpful

Ok, thanks for the reply.

Yeah, but considering that version has been released in March:

and still hasn’t found it’s way to the Marketplace, the question is quite relevant.

I am more and more annoyed by the Marketplace update policies and speed…


Actually I’ll resurrect this thread, because I had downloaded that airport when it first became available but I hadn’t ever used it.

I thought of taking a look yesterday and with great surprise I figured out it’s STILL in version 1.0.3004 and appears as “up to date”, while the one in Aerosoft’s site is That’s a huge gap and the changelogs show lots of differences between those versions.

So I decided to uninstall the Marketplace version and get the Aerosoft one. Sadly yet another proof that Marketplace can’t be trusted for anything, even year-old updates.

99% sure that what’s available in the marketplace is the latest version 1.0.6. The manifest.json file has not been updated to show the correct version number.

If you look at the version history at Aerosoft’s website, version added ambient/animated passengers. Go inside the terminal “with the Marketplace version” you will see the animated passengers.


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