Palm Beach Int'l (PBI) is factory defective

There is zero commercial airlines at the gates (a busy Jet Blue airport) and when airliners approach they disappear on touchdown. There are a grand total of two GA aircraft. Have yet to see any aircraft actually land at the airport. So far this is the only airport I’ve noticed this lack of activity.

I have more aircraft there but can confirm, there are errors in the pathing on both main runways (28R and 28L) that causes Ai to disappear.

I have seen an Ai taxi from the GA parking (across the runways from the terminal) taxi and depart from 28R just fine so clearly there are missing links in the pathing from the main runways to the taxiways leading to the terminal.

You should submit a ticket at support/Zendesk.

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You do need to enter a Zendesk report, or it probably won’t get looked at, as per this quote:

" This section is dedicated to bugs & issues for the core sim (not mods or 3rd party content) – Utilize the voting system and only post if you do not see your bug listed. Please post one bug per topic and don’t forget to report bugs officially to Zendesk."

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