Palm Jumeirah Dubai - Inferior Scenery

Anyone else feel the Palm Jumeriah scenery is underwhelming and disappointing considering it was on the trailer as well? It’s a highly popular location globally and many would love to fly over it or land there in an Icon A5.

I have also cached this in high quality and yet I feel this stunning man made marvel needs to be revisited by the devs, the current satellite overlay for it doesn’t do it justice. Not sure if this is an issue with the cash or loading problem with my photogrammetry setting.

It looks like a barren land the tall buildings, roads etc. leading up to the edge are all flat satellite images.

Haven’t looked at the palm itself closely but the runway at Skydive Dubai isn’t flat and has a massive bump right where you’d touchdown and I basically flew into the wall when trying to land :laughing:

The imagery outside of Dubai seems pretty old, at least 6 years or so.

Great idea to go fly the Icon there, need to do that too

EDIT: Done. Indeed, all flat, not even Atlantis :frowning:


Ikr, massive disappointment - would have been a good spot to fly with the tall buildings and monorail etc in the middle to the luxury apartments etc on the leaves all leading up to stunning Atlantis but alas this was a massive shock in terms of scenery

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