Pan View | Mouse

Ive seen in a lot of videos of @FilbertFlies and EasyJetSimPilot - they pan view in the cockpit and mouse pointer is also visible to the control they are headed. For example, as they pan the view in cockpit to a key on mcdu the pointer is always visible all the way till the key is clicked. When I pan using the right click on mouse, pointer disappears and appears only when I release the button. Really trying to understand how to make it work the way they do.

Secondly, I have to set the camera speeds on menu every time I load a flight. For example, I reduce the speed of cockpit camera from default 30 to a lower number. Same for drone and external camera. Now, this doesn’t get saved and I have to do it every time I do a new flight which is a bit annoying. Any ideas on how to save them for good will be helpful.