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Nearly happy with MSFS, but with a MAJOR issue for me: Why can’t we have a separate instriment panel we can move to another display?winscreen on top and instruments under, complete and working, quite leke in real! and, like we could get in P3D or FSX, IR track working only for the uper view! The deplacable MFD & PFD images are a joke, you can’t control them. My actual solution is to enlarge downward my upper screen, only way to have instruments large enough to read at a glance,but then it cuts in two the other views.Usable but not top!
Why not many complaints for that, is there a prospect on that issue? Thanks.

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Hi there,

Are you referring to 2D-style panels from FSX?

Yes, that’s it, that would be so easy to be able to move a window, like radio stack or GPS and be able to work on apart from the main screen. I use 4 monitors, one on side being for the chart, usually Little Navmap or Fs tramp, then an upper 32 for fwd view, and I move down the panel to a lower 22, but it moves with the main view, or zooming. Also, the main instruments panel doesn’t move in real life when you look through the side ! With a trackIR working with the main (top) screen only, life would be easier. I stay with MSFS only because of the wonderfull quality of the view of the world, and precision of land for VFR, but it really lacks the ergonomy and practical sides of the previous sims (FSX or P3D). not withstanding all the sunken bridges everywhere.can you really use the included map? it’s a joke.
Anyway, thanks for your attention.

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Sorry, but I just realize my reply is quite a repeat of the topic I posted in november, I apologize for the time loss.( Although the problem is still there!) Regards.

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