Panel.xml in game refresh?

Think I’ve discovered another limitation in DevMode.
When making changes to the panel.xml for an aircraft I’m working on. The only way for the changes to take are to completely reload the game. Resetting the aircraft from the aircraft editor nor swapping to another and back via the aircraft selector seems to refresh the loaded xml config after building.
I’ve found where the xml is loaded from: VCockpit/Instruments/Shared/BaseInstrument.js
I though about adding a hook to refresh that file, but I wouldn’t even know where to start with that. Any ideas?

Already have the msfs-webui-devkit from github installed, and even using that with the hook added in vcockpit-core doesn’t do the trick.

Either way, having to restart the game 100 times while debugging panels is super tedious.

Going in and out of flight will reload those files. No need to restart the game. Still tedious.

Can’t believe I didn’t try that! Just verified and works just fine for me. Thanks for saving me so much time in the future!