Panels (map, atc) don't stay in place between VR sessions

(Tested with and without add-ons, developer mode not used.)

Brief description of the issue:

Leaving & re-entering VR mode moves and resizes any in-game panels (VFR map, ATC, etc). This also happens when changing some graphics settings.

It’s a bit tedious resizing and positioning the panels, so making them stick to their given positions in VR would be very welcome.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Enter VR, in cockpit
  2. Open the VFR map (for example)
  3. Position & resize the panel (e.g. over the passenger/co-pilot seat)
  4. Leave VR
  5. Enter VR
  6. With my setup, the position & size of the VFR map has now been reset.

Not submitted to zendesk until confirmed by others.

I have seen the same thing, not a big deal to resize them, and its a lot better than the 2D flat panel, where the box is just stuck on top of the screen.

You can actually position these to fit in spots in aircraft, which is really cool.

Not sure if they can remember where they are in VR in future, would be cool.

I agree, the fact that I can put the atc panel on the seat next to me and the vfr map on the passenger door is a great feature! The panels are much less “in the way” in VR. But the fact that they are reset to default positions seem like a bug, at least from a user experience point of view. Things should stay where you put them.

It started being a bit annoying since experimenting with graphics settings forced me to tediously reposition them again and again. For a single, uninterrupted VR-session, the current implementation is awesome!

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On the Free F22 that is being developed by Evan Burns, I utilize a spot that is not being used under the HUD in this little cubby for the VFR map, and resize it to fit.
Its like having a regular panel in the aircraft.

It’s worse than that for me. Staying in VR but hitting escape and going to the menus and then back into the game to find the VFR map has resized and moved back to its default position. Really annoying. Please submit this bug!

Yes, 1-6, all of that
VFR Map still crashes the Flight Simulator to Desktop {known issue since Japan update} Yes, I know about opening and resizing right after start. Still…sigh.
I have noticed that leaving the Mouse cursor on the VFR Map disables the Diamond DA40NG Flight Controls. Really nasty surprise there :sweat_smile:

It is worse than this in my experience: the panels don’t stay open at all, and nor does the toolbar settings get saved.
Each time I switch to VR and back (which is often because it happens automatically when my headset goes to sleep because I am afk for 5 minutes), all the panels are closed (and every time I start a new flight).
It seems trivially obvious that this kind of thing that users will spend time setting up should be saved, whats confusing to me is why more people don’t complain about it? Is it actually staying saved for some people, or do they just have a high threshold for doing the same thing over and over?