PAPI lights sited on crossing runway - RAF Lossiemouth EGQS

Using SU6

I am seeing the PAPI lights from RWY 10 appearing on the tarmac of RWY 23/05.
Is this something that can be fixed?

Would love to see someone doing a great Lossiemouth, complete with suitable static aircraft.

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There’s a few of the default airfields like this unfortunately. I’d love to see all of the Scottish airfields done, but since Scotflight aren’t going to be doing anything new, we could be waiting a while.

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I don’t know how many times I’ve purchased ScotFlight over the years as new versions of FS came out. But yes, would love to see all airports done well, including Lossie and former RAF stations such as Leuchars and Kinloss. (I see a tip of the hat to TSR2 btw)

Yes indeed, my favourite aircraft, I’ve a print of her signed by Wing Commander Beaumont too.

It would be great to get those three done to a decent standard. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or the skill these days.