Papua Airfields Group Flight


We are planning another Group Flight, and whoever wants to join, is more than Welcome.
We are going to discover some Airfields in the Mountains of Papua. This is the 1st part. Later on we’ll go to Papua New Guinea and continue down to Australia.

If you are interest, feel free to join the Discord with all the details.

If you don’t want to join the Discord, please find some details below:

Airport WAYK -> C208 -> December 8th 19:30pm UTC
West Europe server
Flight Route as usual will be given during the Group Flight.

I do suggest, however, to join the Discord because we use the voice channel. This makes it a lot easier.

I usually live stream those Group Flights, so don’t hesitate to follow along on Twitch and/or Youtube:

Group flights are usually 2 - 3 hours long, and a lot of fun. You can check the latest ones on Twitch or also on Youtube. People enjoy them a lot.

Any questions, please let me know.


Would love to fly with you but since update I can no longer enter airport codes into the selection screen

Thanks Asobo

+so i tried to lookup wayk and it isn’t listed


Sorry to hear. We actually had a lot of fun. Don’t hesitate to join the discord and join on future group flights.
I found differences between 4 letter codes in the sim vs the real AIP codes.
The airstrips are there, just the codes are different.

Sorry you haven’t been able to make it.

But more importantly, does the sim work again ?


Michael, I did get to join you finally. The trick was to enter the icao code backwards in the selectioin screen. It then comes out like it should. It was a very enjoyable flight. My name in the flight was Dougiesy. Please let me know when the next one is.

@VilePoem1052 I spotted you!

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Excellent ! Yeah, I remember you from the flight. Sorry, it’s not easy to make the link between the forums, sim tag, etc…
Did you join the discord already ? Many good discussion going on there :wink:

Hope to see you on the next flight too !

Great ! Thanks horizoneer ! Well done with the screenshot