Paris photogrammetry looking awful/not loading

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no regional addons

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Paris photogrammetry not loading/visually very bad
Xbox X loaded from scratch (no resume)
Location: near Eiffel Tower
Data on
74mbps confirmed at time
No rolling cache.
Accessing data from UK

Tried first with Blackbird Simulations Cessna 310, then in case it was the complex modelling reducing performance: reloaded Paris in the area near Eiffel Tower in Carenado Archer

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Aufnahme anzeigen |  Xbox

ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Debug > Display position)

In the air, between 1000-4000 feet altitude

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Load up Paris in the air in either aircraft (or presumably any)
PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

Xbox Series X, 74mbps connection, wired.
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Not sure that this is helpful, but I did a couple low GA flights over Paris, with TLOD set to around 200, most settings ultra, on my PC with a good network connection, and the PG was pretty bad. Popping in when very close, and even the PG that popped it was still pretty melted and poor. I probably should have taken a screenshot :neutral_face: