Parked aircraft sink into ground

Keep having aircraft sinking into ground, reloading, some times aircraft wont load in all the way… Anyone know how to fix this?

Is this at any specific airport?
Any specific airplanes?
Do you have any mods in your Community folder?

Yes its at a specific airport, yes I have mods, and the airport is a default airport that I have customized…

All planes


Before creating a topic in the Bugs & Issues categories, assure no mods or 3rd party add-ons are installed per the guidelines of this section.

The purpose of the Bugs & Issues categories is to discuss issues that affect the base simulator (MSFS default content). Please do not discuss issues with third-party addons, or modifications in this category.

If you believe your issue may be caused by a third-party addon/mod, empty your community folder, restart the simulator and try to reproduce the error.

All issues caused by, or involving third-party addons/mods should be reported to the third-party developer. All issues related to the core simulator (MSFS default content) can be formally reported through Zendesk.

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