Parking brake engages in flight

Has anyone experienced a random engagement of the parking brakes in flight? I have been experiencing this on long flights. Not a problem obviously, just odd.

Go to your control settings, and out of all your hardware that’s connected to MSFS, make sure you only bind the parking brake from the button/switch that you actually have and use. If you see multiple bindings of the parking brake coming from other hardware or bindings that you don’t use, remove it.

Also check your assistance settings and flight assists. Make sure it’s all set to Hard/True to Life and flight assists are all off.

Thanks, I’ll double check!

Bet it makes for some interesting touchdowns when that happens. :grinning:

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Not really, you actually get a pretty long and even deceleration, works great, especially with an airliner :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I was getting this with flaps and realized it’s because I got the TCA quadrant but not the addon (yet) but the flaps axis was still mapped, so anytime I’d hit ESC during the flight when I’d resume, the flaps would be on max.

Checked and no duplicate assignments but happy to set up the one liners for everyone! :grinning:

With a GA aircraft, replacing flat spotted tires is expensive.

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