Parking spots moved

I had a fairly decent update to my local airport, fixing parking spaces and few minor cosmetic changes. Everything was fine until the most recent large update. Now, some of my parking spots are in the wrong place, like they moved.

I updated the SDK, and opened the project in dev mode, and they all look correct. Made a save update anyway just to get everything synced, but they are still showing wrong in the sim when it loads.

Have not tried deleting them and adding them back in again. The funny part is that not all of them are wrong, just about 4 out of the 12. 1 ended up in the airport parking lot.

Anyone else notice something like this happening?

Same here, I’m working to a new airport and i can’t save any parking spot.

  • Error, invalid object airport
  • invalid child
  • Parking not linked to the main graph

Any idea?
Thank you

I have the same “Taxiway parking , also Taxiway point, not linked to the main graph”. It’s a red error, can’t save. I uninstalled the new SDK 0.16 and reinstalled SDK 0.14.1 but same problem. It seems to be SU7 and not the SDK. I even reopened some old airports I had built and they now show these same errors!

are your parking spots attached to a taxiwaypoint as they have to be with latest update.

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Hello, The taxyway must be linked from near or far to a track (this is the only solution I found), we can no longer add directly to the taxywayPath object, it is also impossible to create a TaxywaySign, I think this new version of sdk creates some issues and bugs. On the other hand, I have crashes and desktop returns. The escape key (ESC) in developer mode no longer works. By closing the project (close) the simulator is unstable.

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Il faut que les taxyway soit relier de près ou de loin à une piste (c’est la seule solution que j’ai trouvée), on ne peu plus faire un add directement de l’objet taxywayPath, il est impossible aussi de créer un TaxywaySign, je pense que cette nouvelle version des sdk crée des problèmes et des bugs. D’autre part j’ai des plantages et des retour bureau.
La touche échappement (ESC) en mode développeur ne fonctionne plus. En fermant le projet (close) le simulateur est instable.