Partial Volumetric Lighting

Got it. Not using any.

I first encountered the issue using a Varjo Aero and no mods. I also have a Reverb G2 that I can test but unfortunately I am out of town until next week. Will attempt to provide a video of the issue if no solution is found by then. Thanks @OlieTsubasa443 and @Jummivana

Vive Pro 2 here on a RTX2080ti. Drivers 471.41

No triangles in the lighting with DX12 (Stuttering does occur), however in DX11 I do have them.

Here is a video I made.
Sorry for the quality, but you can see the problem.
You can clearly see the problem for the landing and taxi lights (towards the end of the video). I was trying to also show the nav lights, but because the video was recorded with a phone from my computer screen, the same problem with nav lights is not visible in the video.


Hello. I shared a video of the problem. Please see my last post.
Thank you.

I experienced some similar problems in 2D Mode.
FBW A32NX lights randomly turning invisible when flying through clouds and weird rendering bug as shown in the linked Video

I have been experiencing this with the Reverb G2 and RTX 3070.

I haven’t tried it in yet, but was definitely occuring in previous SU8 betas

I am experiencing this also with Rift S, RTX 2070 super

Still the same in

  • 1070ti with Nvidia 511.79 drivers with everything set to default.
  • Windows 11 Pro with the latest update:
    General Availability Channel 2022-02-15 22000.527 [KB5010414]

Reverb G2 with a RTX3090 on 511.23.

it is the same problem that is described here


Same here, Oculus Quest 2 link (, RTX3090 (511.79)

@OlieTsubasa443 Varjo Aero and Reverb G2, 10900KF 3090 511.23. Partial shaft left eye, full shaft right eye. Also notice the blank triangles in the right eye shaft.


same problem here using the Reverb G2.

I hope this gets addressed before the upcoming sim update release. This is what Beta testing is for.

It HAS to be addressed before the SU release because this is unplayable in VR as the issue is not even the same between left and right eye.

Video on a Quest 2 (brightness and contrast modified for better visibility):

Please only post bugs that are new in this build, and tag your post with #pc and/or #xbox.

Are you on Xbox, Steam or Microsoft Store version?

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?
Developer mode active, only to bring the slider for icing down to zero when icing forms for no reason. I don’t actively interact with it otherwise.

Brief description of the issue:
There’s a weird polygon that forms on the windscreen when flying in cloud. When outside cloud, it disappears, but when in cloud, it comes up and looks WEIRD.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Fly the Caravan at night and pop in and out of clouds.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

  • RTX 2070 Super
  • Ryzen 7 3700X
  • 64GB RAM
  • Graphic settings are basically ultra of ultra on all metrics.

Not sure if it’s the same thing, but I noticed while skimming through the tops of clouds today, in the external view I got a real strange “wave effect” along the clouds in front an both sides of the plane. I didn’t get a video of it, but it looked almost like a bow wave as I went through the clouds.
You might want to check the external view if you see this effect again and see if you’re seeing something similar.

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the same problem with with the CRJ from Aerosoft

I experienced some similar problems.
FBW A32NX lights randomly turning invisible when flying through clouds and weird rendering bug as shown in the linked Video
(Microsoft Store Version, All Settings Ultra)

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