Particle effects (contrails, etc.) with mentioned node-based particles

With the recent mention of an upcoming node-based particle effect to the SDK, I was wondering if the devs would be willing to consider implementing contrails, wingtip vortices, tire brake smoke, touchdown smoke, rain engine blast effects, etc. using this new feature. What do you all think? It would really add to the immersion and realism!

Absolutely agree with you. We need these effects back in the sim. That being said, the devs have already confirmed these are coming in a later update so I’m excited and look forward to it.


Yeah, was just saying how the devs said a particle system was being added to the SDK, so just wanted to revisit the idea :slight_smile:


Yes it’s a new system 33:56 New FX System , the older one probably will get ditched or not used.

Tyre smokin :smile:

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Just curious, which video did the devs say they were adding particle effects later on?

It’s in one of the interview videos with the dev team. Saw it a few days ago, but couldn’t find it. Anyone?

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Yes it should all be coming and of course we need water spray/wake for the float planes as well.


see my post above.

I thought this kind of effects were going to be covered by mods in no time, but if I understood correctly, it’s something you can’t do with the current SDK?
Anyways, I’d rather have the “official” “baked in” version of those effects… I miss them pretty much on landing / takeoffs and cruise…


Hi everyone, the thing i need now is the contrails… ! Please implement it.


Overreaction of the day right there.


Norman… I just wrong section. I wanted to write in the wish list section :wink:

Happens to me when I mix my coffee at the wrong ratio or drink it 5 minutes too quickly.

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I believe this is the thread you want - Particle effects (contrails, etc.) with mentioned node-based particles

(We try to avoid duplicates, especially in the wishlist :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Thanks a lot Zachry and sorry.

you are amazing :wink:

Are you suggesting that paying customers shouldn’t get what they want from a software developer? That is a very strange business model to cheerlead for.

EDIT: I want the contrails too. Now.


We are in luck… they are working on it, not sure when it will be released, but many are looking forward to the upcoming FX added improvements.

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*chemtrails =P

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