Particle effects wont stop after airborne with separate ext/int model

Hallo I found this bug during development of aircraft, and need to resove it somehow please:

Brief description of the issue:
When Im in exterior watching the water (dust, snow, etc…) effects on runway and switch into cockpit in that moment, than this effects on wheels remains visible from interior even after airborne and are active till I switch external/internal view again. It happens also in reversed situation, when Im in cockpit and switch to external view in the moment when effects are active, they will never stop even in air, untill I will cycle internal/external view again. This bug happens only on aircrafts using completelly separated exterior and interior models in MODEL.CFG file. (show exterior when interior = false and vice versa)

Is there any solution for this or will that be fixed soon please?

Thank you
Best regards

You’re probably better off asking this question in the new MSFS DevSupport forum (registration required):

Also - this post was moved to #community:general-discussion-feedback; it’s not really a B&I report as Bugs & Issues are for stock simulation, not custom development questions.


thank you for information. I will post it on dev forums, but this is really bug, not development problem, because it influences all models with separated ext/int models, not only mine.

Best regards

That may be the case, I’m not contesting your allegation of the defect. Bugs & Issues is for end-user cases of the sim being defective - i.e., during normal flight, not as in the role of a developer.

Ok, I understand, thank you

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