Pasaway Flying in Career Mode by NeoFly

I’ve just tried the NeoFly Career Mode and it looks very nice and promising.
Took me some tome to figure out how everything works and I’m glad it does fine.
A quick guide on setting up NeoFly 2.0 is HERE
I’m gonna fly to Africa and progress over there at 1st. Then I’ll go to other continents. And hopefully will make it around the World. I’ll post my videos and results here.
Here we go, my 1st mission LFMN-LFTZ:

Cheers. o7
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Just started NeoFly myself and I love it. Very easy to setup and use and gives me reason to fly.

La Mole ! Challenging airfield. The official approach chart says to continue up to the barrage (the small lake right side of the screeen at 29mn40s), and then only turn left over the hills for alignment. Nitpicking I know :wink:
I’ve tried NeoFly too and I like it a lot … The prerecorded sounds add a lot to the immersion.

Pt.2 LFTZ - LFMV (Avignon – Provence Airport)
Something’s happened to my voice recorder. So bad, will try to fix that.

Cheers. o7

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We continue to Pt.3 LFMV - LFMY - LFMT

Cheers. o7

The next flight is from Montpellier to Narbonne, France LFMT - LFNN

NeoFly has a mode that gets you to travel around the world instead of doing everything in one area?

I hope so and it looks like, I’ve chosen to travel in one direction and so far it works. On every new airport that I arrive I get new missions that allow me to travel further and further.
I’ve reached Spain already, uploading my videos :slight_smile:


Around the World with NeoFly - Pt.5

I’ve got to Spain with NeoFly :slight_smile:


Reached LEGE, Girona, Spain.

With NeoFly 2.0 being released I’ve made a quick guide on how to set it up and go.

It’s really great! o7
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On my way further with NeoFly 2.1.1

Here we continue for Pt.9. in VR this time :smiley:

I continue my journey around the world with NeoFly. This time it’s in VR. Watch in 3D and have fun!


Just have bought a Diamond DA62 - 1st mission Pt.12 LERQ-LEMK