PASI Sitka, Alaska

There’s a new payware for PASI, the airport at Sitka, Alaska. Looks like they have also added the seaplane base nearby as well as marinas and bridges. Only available in SimMarket afaik.

It’s by a new developer (this is their only project that I can see) and the file size is somewhat low (90MB) which is worrisome. Good price though.

Has anyone purchased it? Photos look nice, but I know that area has a really green tint to the satellite imagery and I can’t see much of the ground on the island in the pics. I am wondering if the developer changed the color of the ground.

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I have it. It’s great

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Can you tell me if the rest of Japonski Island and the area across the harbor to the east has that awful green tint still? I would hope since they did the airport, the marinas, bridges and the seaplane base that they would also get rid of the green.

hi i am the one who made the addon. You can see textures below in the images if you want to decide, the airport itself and part of japonski island is where i changed and have added custom textures. the main reason why the addon file size is mainly due to efficient use of files since i might plan on releasing this addon for platforms like xbox too through marketplace.


Thanks for the photos. It does look great and some of the places that have the green tint I am talking about seem to have been fixed in your airport.

Yes, please release on Marketplace when able! Looks very nice!

Hello, I live in Alaska. Been to Sitka on several flights On Alaska! Green tint is natural since we live in a Rain Forest!


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Totally understand that, but this green tint comes from poor satellite imagery from Bing. Roads, parking lots, cars, buildings, anything that is part of the satellite imagery is green.

Example: THIS IS DEFAULT SCENERY, NOT from the payware.

Reason for the green tint is that most aerial photography is done in the peak of winter, when the foliage is the least dense, so that you can see what is there and not just a bunch of leafy trees and such. This results in most imagery being brown and bland, because, well, it is winter. Asobo adds a green filter to bring vegetation back and make things look more lively,so we end up with the green tint. It would be awesome if they could come up with something to overlay all of the roads and parking lots, since they are already identified with the road database.

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Might have to check this out. This was my base back in the FS9 days of Misty/Tongass fjords!

I’m not disappointed! Very nice indeed!