Passengers going into my plane from the gate

I would like to have some passengers going into my plane from the gate. Also when I land the plane and request the gate or the vehicle to get the passengers, I would like to see the passengers leaving. This would be awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks very much!

It would be great to see passengers em/disembark (especially for ramp gates)


Agreed-something that would amp up the immersion for me.


A2A had something like that on their B377. You could configure the passenger/cargo load beforehand then give the order to start boarding or start deplaning. There was even an option for it to take a realistic amount of time while you listen to people fumble with luggage and get greeted by the cabin crew or you could do a quick load/unload if you got impatient.

That said, you couldn’t actually see these passengers but they had a real effect on the flight.


What exactly does A2A mean? :slight_smile:

A2A Simulations, they’re a 3rd party dev. One of the best.

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Ahhh cool, yeah I hope, that 3rd party services will do something like that, I really hope!

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That would be very nice.

Sounds like you need Self Loading Cargo in your life!

Also cargo in the back instead of empty seats could be cool.

Missing visible passengers and life on the apron in the form of passengers walking to and from gates or busses up into the plane. That would make the sim more vibrant. Is it not possible to construct this as an Add-on? Payware/freeware? TX :grin:

Can’t wait for GTX (payware) for MSFS…

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What is GTX? Can you link it?

Sorry I meant GSX. I don’t think it has been released yet but for FSX, they released a version with more animations and functions including passengers boarding the aircraft. Very cool.

THX for your respond. Hope it will be released for fs2020 :+1:t2:


It will be nice to see implementations of passengers leaving/entering the airliners after doors are opened whether it is gate or ramp and ground services to include stairs/buses which can be called to the airliner.

It’s a great suggestion - but why do you suggest that this should be a paid add-on? Why are you against walking passengers as a core part of the base FS2020 experience? :thinking:

The year is 2021, and having real passengers (as opposed to make-believe passengers) seems to be a fair and resonable request for a near-future update. How anyone could object to that is beyond me.

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Hello, I do not know if this has been mentioned out there before or not,

But I how about an additional selection in the “Ground Services” page of the ATC screen:

E.g. “Request Boarding” and “Request Disembarking”

Wow that would be a nice feature as I like to spend time on the tarmac and terminals. Using the pushback requests though has been an ordeal at some airports so I prefer they get this fixed before adding additional features but yes I would agree that we should put this on the wish list.


Dont use pushback then, use your reverse thrust of the engines. Works okay in the A320.