"Passive aircraft" related bugs and issues analyzed by AIG

Hello everyone,

@Kaiii3 from AIG provided some in depth analysis of bugs related to the online and offline traffic system in MSFS.

You can access the analysis over here:

It does not just affect generic passive aircraft but also easy traffic from Aerosoft and other solutions like the one from AIG.

In short:

  • Airports, especially from world updates got incorrect gate arrangements or sizes so aircraft cannot occupy these (especially at DBX A380s/Generic Quadliners cannot park at gates).
  • Taxiways have got too many nodes at junctions so traffic has some hard time choosing the correct path (may also influence routing of user aircraft by ATC).
  • Takeoffs are not possible by passive aircraft at some locations (ATL) cause of some hold short nodes not being used correctly within the airports configuration → influences directly the players experience as these runways will always be blocked by traffic, so one won’t be able to takeoff or land.
  • For passive aircraft it often is impossible to land at the airport after it was instructed to go around. Instead of proper routing through waypoints it most times buzzes the airport at low altitude to get back to final approach.
  • Traffic spawns at too low altitudes especially when injected using SimConnect even if the spawn altitude parameter has been set to FL200 they always spawn at ~1500ft
  • Flight dynamics on passive traffic are completely ignored yet mandatory. Takeoff runs and climb characteristics are unrealistic. Flare angle in ai.cfg also seems to be ignored.
  • Still no departing passive aircraft on live traffic, also misses the nose gears
  • Passive aircraft performing the waltz whenever told to give way to other traffic by ATC:
  • Other traffic related issues…
  • Lights on traffic aircraft have some issues:
  1. On modern electric systems aircraft spawned don’t have any lights on approach, these only work if a minimum of systems is provided (max_battery_voltage = 24.0, generator_alternator_voltage = 30.0, max_generator_alternator_amps = 400.0). After some time in the simulation this fixes itself somehow.
  2. After takeoff from the airport with the user aircraft passive aircraft turn off all lights but taxi and logo lights as soon as touching down on any other airport even on the destination airport.

Thanks. I´ve voted instantly.

Those AI problems are in my top 3 issues in this sim.

Vote folks, VOTE!


Really need to fix this, or at least open it up so others can. Sometimes it feels like Multiplayer has given devs an excuse to let good AI go by the wayside. “Why spend money on AI when they can just fly with other real people!?”

Maybe I don’t want to learn the lingo
Maybe I don’t like to talk
Maybe my favorite part of flying is taking off and landing so I use time acceleration for the flight


Yes Asobo please fix the Live AI and general Ai logic, FSX was not perfect nor is P3D but at least it can be usable and takeoff.

I take Jorgs point about well if we start adding a bunch of Live Traffic then frame rates will tank, there is an external program developed by PSXSEECON which is a LIVE Traffic program and adds live traiifc in partnership with Realtraffic to FSX, Prepar3d and MSFS as well as Xplane. When I have used it with FSX/P3D there was a useful interface that the user could use to determine how many Live AI they would see in their bubble and could reduce or increase that number dependant on their hardware. My suggestion would be to have a slider OR LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH and FULL options in the Live Ai selector if worried about memory optimisation and Frame Rates. Let the User decide!

Kind regards

Duncan Odgers


AI traffic really could use some work


Just an observation it seems planes using aigtc will spawn at your current altitude when you’re on the ground they get bumped up 1500ft or so above the ground level.

I started a flight forcing my plane to spawn at 25k ft and every enroute plane spawned at 25k ft as per the aigyc window they then set about ascending and descending to their given altitudes.

Also when you get far enough away from airports planes never gain altitude after takeoff and just fly along a few feet off the ground (or so it’s being reported by aigtc).

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I started using Simple Traffic other day and AI gets stuck taxing, constant go arounds, no lights enabled. Total mess. Please fix this.

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Added a bug involving electric systems and lights to the main post.

I dont see AI takeoff only landing.
Its normal?

online/live AI? If yes, then yeah this is a bug in MSFS. AIG has procivided a workaround for this, that can be found over at flightsim.to

Just did a search at flightsim.to but did not found a workaround mod. Can you point me (us) there? I know the AI Manager from AIG has found a kind of solution. If I read correctly, it copies the ingame simobject of a stuck AI plane at the gate, makes it a new simobject that actually taxies to the runway and departs, but without a real flightplan and the stuck ai left staying at the airport. Do you mean this feature or is there another workaround?

@BachFrosch85590 I suspect this is the mod @Kaiii3 was referring to

However, if I have that wrong then apologies!

Thank you @tamalien, I did not find that one when searching for AIG. I appreciate your help!

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thats the correct one :slight_smile:

No need to put AIG in every title^^

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I use live AI. With workaround AI takeoff but not with all airports

I find that the mod works reliably as a stand alone mod but the same mod within AIG traffic controller doesnt. At many airports the departing live flights just dont clone at all.

update on the low altitude spawning:

Seems the spawning altitude is related to the actual altitude of the user airplane. If you are on Ground AI will spawn at maximum altitude 2000ft

When flying it will spawn around +/- 2000ft of your current altitude.

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Personally, I want to see Asobo halt the pace of world updates for a few months, buckle down, and fix sim issues such as traffic and turboprop physics before they even think about adding a single thing to this sim.

At this point they are interfering with the development processes of too many 3rd party devs.

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January 2022 update: