PASY, Eareckson Airstation missing

There is no PASY, Eareckson Airstation at all.

Hey, make sure to report your issue to Zendesk.

Also your post could fit in here too:

This airport is already reported, I checked the list on the other topic.

And where is that zendesk?

Click on that blue highlighted ‘Zendesk’ on my first post. But the airport is already reported, you can report it again but Asobo should has noticed already :wink:

Hi @UndueSeven9265!
As @EpicPrimus pointed out, for missing airports first report to zendesk. Then on this topic make a new post with the airport code and that it’s been reported to zendesk. It would help too if you know the coordinates of that airport.

Thank you for reporting this!

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Hi there,
I moved your post to Bugs & Issues > Airports.