Patagonia Bush Trip issue

Anyone else not able to complete Leg 3 of the Patagonia Bush Trip or is it just me? Landed at SCNY twice, taxied around a bunch, still couldn’t get the ‘leg completed’ pop up.

Looks like bush trip completion registration seems to be broken in general

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Think I’ve only been able to complete the Denmark Bush Trip without any issues so far. Land at designated airfields and no ‘completed check box’ appears, when I come back next day and the system does not recognise the completed route. So now I just copy the flight plan and do my own bush trips!!

Just amazing they did not beta test the Bush Trips which are such an intrical part of the entire package.

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I am stuck in the Balkan and Patagonia bush trips, at different legs, and seems the cheking part of the program is broken …

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I’m stuck on the Balkans leg too, between Corfou and Aktion so I tried the bush trip in Patagonia… the first leg cannot be validated… it’s a shame…

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