Patagonia bush trip missing very important landmarks

I found missing very significant mountains like:
Fitz Roy :Fitz Roy - Wikipedia
Torres del paine: Torres del Paine National Park - Wikipedia

They’re not missing, but the mesh isn’t detailed enough to display them like the real world. That’s also the case for almost any precipitous mountain in the world.

Yes, the mesh is not that good. I have two flight plans called Los Glaciares and Torres Del Paine that goes around the landmarks. The videos are not ready yet but I uploaded the preview of another plan called Tierra Del Fuego.

Tierra Del Fuego - Scenic Flight Plan

Tell me if you are interested.

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The video is very well done, and great choice of music - it fit in perfectly. As for the specific mentioned meshes, they aren’t great currently. I think that specific bush trip could have been tweaked a bit knowing that these important landmarks aren’t exactly clear for VFR use.

we hope that some modder can make this wonderful scene.