Patch Addon Scenery CTD

I can only hope that Microsoft is reading this forum…

I am a commercial scenery creator for MSFS and I have five airports I have created for MSFS; all which is listed in the Market Place.

Yesterday before the patch all five airports worked flawlessly. Now, with the patch only two of the airports still work although they have issues loading. No idea why these two work and not the others. I develop all my airports inside MSFS. Logic will suggest that it should work since I am using the tools provided my Microsoft as well as their SDK.

I have updated Windows, updated my graphics drivers, but none of these did anything.

The only possible explanation is that the patch is broken.

which of your airports you “offer in market place” (?) have issues ? May be other users can give feedback.

I thought official content creators have it’s own space for discussions ?

This looks like a conversation that should be done through developer channels. I also would think that an MSFS Commercial Developer is aware that Microsoft is not the developer but the project manager. The users here know that Asobo does not monitor this forum unless the community managers see fit to push a thread up to their attention.

I would suggest speaking with Asobo directly if you believe their patch has created an issue with your software releases.

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Thanks for the suggestions.