Patch did not fix installation issues (non-ascii char issue)

Yet another 12 hours of downloading time wasted. Sigh.

I finally managed to go past initial loading screens and start the game. Now when I start the first flight I only get a screen of outer space full of starts. Going back to main menu causes CTD. Next time I start, I cannot start a flight any more. Clicking yellow FLY! buttons has no effect.

Another symptom is that start up video is now black. Only ‘Press Any Key’ text is shown.

And I DO HAVE non-ASCII character in my Windows account (that should have been fixed), and I have made clean install deleting left over files.

I am so disappointed.

Could you tell me what GPU you have?

Ryzen 3700X

The 3700X is a CPU, he asked for GPU (your graphics card)?

The game runs normally under my secondary ascii-only account, as it has done for 6+ months during alpha/beta.

I know another game that had a non-ascii character issue at launch. They fixed it in 4 days.

Just my 120 euros…

Oh my old eys and wrong glasses I am wearing. GPU is GTX1070.

I’m still having this same issue since the launch. Works great on my secondary ASCII-only account while the Fly button doesn’t work on my main account.

That means I can’t enjoy it fully or even stream it since all of my other stuff, settings, streamdeck, OBS etc. is on my main account.

And no, I’m not gonna waste my time fully setting up that secondary account.