Patch and sensitivity adjustment problem

Hello, since the last update of MFS, we can no longer adjust the sensitivity?. when I want to adjust sensitivity, I just have a window that opens where it is written in (finished). Is this a general problem or just at home with my Flight Sim Yoke and Pro Pedals from CH Products?. Thank you.

Yes I have noticed the same problem Seems they fix one problem and create another getting really frustrated …

Me pasa tambien lo mismo, no puedo cambiar la sensibilidad del joystick.

A mi tb me pasa es frustante.

Cada actualización es una caja de sotpresas, en fin paciencia.

This is already an Known Issue - Known Issues - (Last modified: 9/23/2020)

nothing for sensitivity in your link.
Thank you.

Did you even visit the link??



  • Sensitivity screen empty/blank when opened–prevents adjusting of axis sensitivity and dead zone.

it seem that is for steam. I bought the DVD version. Thank’s.