Patch Ruins Converted Aircraft

Among the utter failures of the new patch is a glitch where entering the cockpit of an aircraft converted from FSX will (most likely) immediately crash you to desktop.

I have about 10 aircraft that I have converted and flown multiple times. All of them worked ‘fine’ - still subject to the known limitations of conversions, but perfectly usable for my purposes - prior to the patch today. Now, I can only fly one of them without crashing.

Update: the crashes appear to be related to click spots in the cockpit. I have two aircraft which have no click spots and they still work.

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I think it’s a little unfair to expect MSFS patches to have no issues on imported aircraft not developed by them initially.


Backward compatibility was proudly announced as part of the game and clearly intended since the game explicitly supports legacy formats. They also mentioned improving performance of legacy xml gauges in one of the ‘coming soon’ patch notes, so they are trying to help conversions work properly. Unfortunately this is just one of many areas the poorly tested patch went badly.

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You honestly expect an FSX aircraft installed into MSFS to run perfectly while the devs are trying to improve the MSFS aircraft first? I sure don’t.


Yeah,where did Asobo say that FSX aircraft are supported?

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I don’t expect them to run perfectly, but they ran well enough 6 hours ago before the patch came out. I never said it should be their top priority to fix all of the issues with old airplanes, but that doesn’t mean they should break things further. It’s not like this is a planned phase out of capability or the change was necessary to improve some other aspect.

I think they should undo whatever change they made that had this impact. If they can figure out a way to actually improve things beyond the previous state, then so much the better.

In the mean time, I also devised a workaround and communicated that to other people who might care using this same thread. So I offered a partial solution to the problem I highlighted.

If you find problems you want fixed with the base game aircraft, start your own thread to raise awareness.

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Legacy support is mentioned in the SDK documentation, recent discussion of upcoming patches, and many pre-release previews of the game.

Many people have been flying FSX aircraft since the first week the game was out.


I have to agree

I understand that and can appreciate your wish for maintaining FSX aircraft however unless there is a jump in voting for this you can probably see it’s not a top 10 focus right now.

Legacy support is no voting it was early announced and is a part of the SDK and game experience. It was working fine through the hole versions since TA1. If it’s broke i must investigate why. I take into it and check some contacts.
I got CTDs as well, they was mainly related through the update storm. Hole MS network was hammered.
After patch i done a reboot and deleted the RollingCache, created a new 100GB cache.
I also deleted hidden left volume entries in the device manager and xvd old entries.

In short, ‘boo hoo, my cobbled-together hack which was never actually intended to work in the sim, doesn’t work in the sim’. This is hardly an ‘utter failure’ on the developers part, it is a failure of the hacked up effort, and so it is not even remotely unexpected.

In other news, the sky is blue and nighttime is dark.


It’s more like our cobbled-together hack that worked before the patch no longer works and it’s a little frustrating.

I used a utility called MSFS Legacy Importer and got my legacy aircraft flying again. While the utility has a lot of functions, I only needed to use the function to remove mouse rectangles. Except for now missing a couple of working click spots (most were wrong), it is exactly like it was before the patch.

Good luck to those trying to import legacy aircraft.

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Despite the small-minded folks in this thread trying to dump on anyone who plays the game differently, I am happy to report that the latest patch fixes the issue with mouse click spots in converted cockpits. You no longer need to remove them in order to use a converted aircraft.