Patch 5 sensitivity settings are so confusing

Since I updated patch 5 , I am in mess with the new controller sensitivity settings.
I am not able to get the proper settings for most aircraft
There is no help to explain the effect of each parameter
The planes response become erratic and not steady… Once I start to pitch , I must move the joystick very slowly and suddenly it starts to jump up or down.
Even while banking , it does the same.
I can’t understand why there are two curves for sensitivity and what does the neutral zone mean for?
I tried to change these parameters in a random base but I can’t get a proper combinations for realistic response
Is there any tutorial to clarify this new interface?

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No tutorial, but others definitely have the same problem after the update. I had a flight saved in the Longitude and as soon as I moved my CH Yoke, I spun out of control. I worked with it a bit and came up with these settings. Just so we’re clear - I don’t claim that these are perfect, but they at least allow me to move without nose-diving into the San Fernando Valley. I’m going to keep working to make these better… but I hope this helps you.


Thank you. I will try your settings
I don’t know what is the use for these complications. At least they should provide some tutorials for any new features instead of leaving us in mess

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I tried your setup . It seems working fine. But the pitch attitude is still sensitive. I am using Thrustmaster joystick

works quite nicely. Thanks for sharing.

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When I updated yesterday, the pitch seemed to work well so I didn’t alter those settings. I’ve already seen a few screen shots of the Sensitivity screen on posts here today, so someone else has probably fixed that.

I agree. Short of a complete tutorial, at the very least it wouldn’t hurt to have a simple explanation of each setting, similar to what our Options pages show.

My sensitivity profiles have gone cracy after installing patch 5. Aircraft unflyable.
Anyone any ideas?

Crazy profiles after patch 5

Yep, they changed the curves.
Right now I would suggest a setting between -20 and -30% for the first two. Use 0% for a linear (The most right on your screenshot).

also make sure both sensitivity + and - have the same value, otherwise you’ll get really weird behavior.