Patch 7 - first time ground fog with CAT1 conditions

Look at that, although the Metar often reported ground fog in LSZH and EDDM. Today was the first time I encounterd it after about 1oo plus hours with the sim.

I ran 8 instrument approaches to test if the TBM AP got broken (no not really - see other post) and I ran into fog … nice.


Totally off topic, but according to the POH, usage of the GFC 700 autopilot on approach is prohibited below 200 feet AGL.

Just mentioning it because you tested the AP.

Congratulations on the ground fog. Although I encountered it (or rather ground level clouds) at a lot of airports where it should not have been. So totally opposite experience. lol

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Ground fog with Cat 1 conditions has been in the sim since day 1. What was (is?) missing is haze, smog etc. With other words, low visibilty at any altidude which is not caused by either fog or clouds.


Go figure where the differences come from. This morning it conincided nicely with the Metar too… maybe a lucky day :slight_smile: