Patch is a joke - im angry

Im angry, i paid for Premium to have flight sim like in release version. Beautiful and awesome.
Now , since few last patches graphics are just downgrade, after latest patch too. Photogrammetry buildings in larger cities looks melted, ground textures have lower resolution, waves are gone , water looks nowhere near as in release version too, and even clouds were better earlier. Im angry , i have good pc, bing data on, teredo okay, good connection to internet, all on ultra. Im mad at Asobo, its biggest dissapointment in my flight simmer career since early 90’s . Now im sad, and i felt like lost cash.
Game now is nowhere near to X-Plane with downloaded photo sceneries and world objects.
WHAT HAPPEN?!! This patch fixed nothing of above.
I have great working one ,release version on PC Gamepass, i was in love with that, everything was so great, i decided to buy full premium version on Steam 2 months later and voilaa, game looks like ■■■■.


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