Patch rollback option wishlist

I can’t say I’m satisfied with the latest patch (1.10) I’m not entirely sure why patches have to be mandatory but I think it would be really nice to have a patch rollback option until more bugs and issues get smoothed out. I know Asobo is doing the best they can and are listening to the community.

For instance I liked the previous patch more than this one for several reasons. The latest patch makes it harder for me to be excited to keep playing ms2020. If I had a roll back option, I would just revert back to the one that suits me best and try again until the next patch is released.

I know It may not be possible that all bugs will eventually get fixed. But I feel this would help keep the ms2020 community intact. I feel that more simmers are more frustrated than before. Many of us felt it was better with previous versions for different reasons.

Maybe if Asobo can make the rollback option happen, it will alleviate some of the pressure to keep cranking out patch updates and they can take more time to smooth out bugs before the next announced update.

Just a thought.

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Hi there,
Thank you for your wishlist topic. Someone already started one like this for a previous update, so I have consolidated your message there:

Keeping more than one topic open for a given issue causes the vote to get split and diluted. So we always encourage people to search the threads before creating new topics.
I definitely urge you to vote for that topic.
Additionally, here is another topic along a slightly different line that you may wish to consider voting for: