Patch Update stuck on decompressing fs-base-cgl-01.81.fspatch.001

The game is stuck on decompressing fs-base-cgl-01.81.fspatch.001, i don’t know why, the game was working perfectly before the patch update and now i can’t finish the update and its kind of anoying, i already had problems with the actual game download so if anyone know how to fix pleaes tell me.

Sorry to hear your problem. At least you did get play MSFS - I still have not got anywhere near playing. I estimate that it will take me 5 days to download the game if I have the computer going all day n nite. I pre- purchased the game because I thought this game would be SO FAN TASTIC and went for the super duper edition. I complained that I was unable to finish downloading the program and was advised that I should the internet for fixes. I have been patient for weeks now but today (after having started my 8th try at it 2 days ago) I have had enough. What I am to do? My download spools at “fs-base-cgi.fspackage.014” How can I fix this? PLEASE HELP


similar issue here, it gets stuck on another file tho, always starts downloading up to like 10mb of the file then resets to zero. Happend when updating and now when reinstalling as well