PAUN (premium) overlapping with PAUN (marketplace)


I have purchased Unalakleet PAUN on Marketplace (RWS). However is renders on top of the airport that comes with Premium. Any guidance out there on how I resolve this?


Go to your Content Manager and uninstall the the Asobo version from there. Restart the sim and all should be well.


The Asobo PAUN airport is not standalone, so there is no single content item to uninstall (unless I’m looking for the wrong thing). When I search Unalakleet or PAUN in the content manager, all I get is the payware version.

Also, the 3rd part content creator seems to have very little online support presence (no user forums, and doesn’t respond to mails at there support email address)

There is no Asobo PAUN. But, you are right, something happens there. Take a look at my landing there, out of the left window. Surface changes at approach.

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My mistake - I was thinking that PAUN was one of the hand-crafted airports. In this case, you’ll need to contact the developer to get this fixed.

I will grab a screenshot of my PAUN.

Sweet video :slight_smile: The DC6 always puts a smile on my face

Ready to go, runway 1155 at PAUN

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Ok, I tried removing the content, and it went back to the default (premium) PAUN.

When I downloaded the payware, and then went to the airport (without restarting), it was correct (new airport, no old airport). When I restart the sim, the old airport reappears overlapping with the paid content.

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:airports as there is a payware airport involved.