Pause for Thought

The sim has been live for a month now and I for one am very happy with the progress it has made and the quality of the product. The support of the community with all the mods has also been phenomenal but can we all take take a breath and thank Asobo for what they have achieved thus far.

This time two years ago none of us would have guessed this was even in the pipeline. I for one was convinced that I would spend my dotage playing P3D or XPlane. While both these products are great you only need to look at what Asobo have done to realize we are truly in a new era of Flight Simulation. Let’s not forget that it took Microsoft almost two years to perfect FSX which saw us through and continues to see us through some days, almost 14 years later.

Yes the sim has bugs, yes there are adjustments needed. Let’s just have a quick comparison. Those of you familiar with CIG may have heard of Star Citizen. If you have you will also know that progress on this multi million dollar crowd funded game is desperately slow and that the transparency of the company is, well, shocking. Asobo have been transparent throughout. They are providing updates every two weeks vs Star Citizen’s ‘quarterly’ (usually late) updates. The updates are addressing issues and while they may also cause some further bugs we are on the road to a new sim. That has never gone smoothly. Star Citizen’s updates rarely address bugs. They simply add new content which breaks the product further. They do not listen to their customer base, they do not address concerns or fears.

The forums are rightly fagging issues which Asobo need to address. But they are also being used to attack Asobo and this ONE month old product. It is pretty much unheard of for a game to now release without it being in some form of early access/alpha/beta. Even if it is not advertised as such. A quick browse through your Steam library may help you see that.

So yes, report the bugs and the annoyances but also, take a pause, look at what has been created and be thankful that we will have a sim which will see us through and provide us with some fantastic times to come.