Pause Menu resets controls to 50% states on resume


main problem is after ESC to menu (f.ex. save state of flight) and with return back I need re-move all my controls (mixture, prop, …) to have them back at same state what is very bad during flight. I didn’t check any PAUSE errors similar.

Fixed!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’m not crazy. This has happened to me twice flying the DC-6.

Still not fixed, hope it gets fixed soon

I’ve been trying to figure out the extent of the ESC - Resume Flight and ESC - Resume- Flight - with - Fligh -t Plan problem. Here’s what I’ve got so far:
Both problems affect B747, B787 and A320neo and A32NX. If I resume flight immediately (without saving) then various flight controls are changed. In particular I always find Spoilers are ON FULL, and Flaps are either full down (747, 787) or at 50% (A320, a32nx).

If I save the flight after ESC then load that saved flight either in the same game session or after closing the game and starting again or after shutting down the computer and starting up another day, it’s pretty much the same. There’s no Spoilers and flaps deployed but there are a series of more subtle problems. If the flight had a flight plan loaded and the saved flight was the first save of that flight, then the flight plan is still loaded on the plane and the list of way-points can be seen OK (but flight levels are often missing). However, the pointers to the next way-points on the screen point backwards in the flight at the last way-point passed in the saved flight or even at the departure airport and not forward. In the ARC display the miles to the last way-point go up as the plane progresses instead of showing the next way-point and going down as the pane approaches!

If I fly for a bit then save this reloaded flight after ESC, exit game, restart and reload the twice saved flight (!), the problems have got worse. Now the flight plan has gone from the plane’s memory and ATC appears amnesic as well. However, most times (not always) the ATC dialogue will give me an option to Cancel IFR plan, which leads to several back and forths, followed by an option to Retry flight plan with files destination. Take that and ATC will restore your original destination.The flight plan does not reappear in the plane’s memory but if you keep asking ATC for the vector to the next way-point it magically always gives you the heading for the next way-point in your “lost” flight plan!

Anyway, clearly I should find something better to do with my time! But hopefully this helps flesh out the bugs that this thread is about. Surprising that a year after launching the game, these bugs have never been fixed. Those NYC to Beijing and Sydney to London flights will have to wait until they are.

I have the same issue. I set the throttle, Elevator and Aleron control. After a pause and resume none of the controls work. The are inactive. Even the switches on the over head does not work. I have to exit the game and return back.
Also i tried to assing the controls in FSUIPC and the same happens.
I have not made any changes to the developers mode. it is off. I removed all the add ons from the community folder.
This happens with the defaul B747.
Any Solutions have been found?


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I have same exact issue sine su9

Is that issue not suppose to have been fixed in SU4 as confirmed here ?: