Pausing and then unpausing the game causes the rudders and yoke to recenter

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Microsoft Store
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When I pause and then unpause the game, the yoke AND the rudders recenters, causing my aircraft to go nuts. Anybody have a workaround to this?
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  1. Fly any aircraft with a yoke
  2. Twist the yoke and the rudders
  3. Pause and then unpause

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Mouse + Keyboard
Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: (when I started playing MSFS)

What are you using for controllers, do you have a deadzone set?

I am just using a mouse and keyboard, and I do not have any deadzones yet. Maybe I should set up a deadzone?

It does sound like the sim is getting a signal from the controller when it is released and it returns to dead center. This small signal could be causing this.
Try about a 5% deadzone and see what happens.

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So how can I set up a deadzone for mouse and keyboard? It just says “No calibration data” on keyboard, and only the Sensitivity options for the mouse.

Not from the keyboard, with the yoke and rudder

Uhhh… I ONLY play with M + K (I am planning to buy a yoke soon idk)


Ah, well that makes a difference, the steps under your pic suggested otherwise!
What commands are you using for yoke and rudders?

Idk if this is the right one but

Also I have to go for a while, sorry

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It could be your keyboard, but there are a few posts in here of that happening with controllers as well.
Try assigning a different command for “Center Ailer Rudder”. Use something else rather than NUM5

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Well… no effect.

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