Pax chatter?

Can anyone tell me how to get passenger chatter and what not within the cabin.

You can try using PACX addon. It’s payware but you can hear the Pax chatter. But it’s usually on boarding and deboarding, and not during the flight.

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There’s no way to do that in the sim. There are some mods (not sure if free or payware) that will do that though.

I also use PACX, and works great

I want something during the flight to make it more immersive. I also have pacx as well

PAX all the way. Worth it - has a TON of different airliners’ sounds and passenger chit chat. :wink:

There’s another one, SLC, but not a fan and he hasn’t updated it in forever.

Been used Self loading cargo for my passenger simulation. Chatter and feedback throughout the flight. As well as the usual announcements and service you can manage. Currently only £12.99 and quite worth it for immersion.

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