Payload & Callsign UI still completely broken

This should have been fixed in the first patch. Has anyone at Asobo even tested a flight with proper planning? Seems like all they do is click fly now… this is infuriating. How hard is it to create a properly functioning UI??? $%^&#@ FIX IT!

Not exactly constructive criticism. TBH I don’t even know what you find wrong about it so I can’t relate.
AFAIK the callsign is saved but not always shown unless you re-type it, is that the issue?

I don’t even have a guess about the payload thing.

You haven’t tried entering/balancing a realistic payload or changing all the ATC fields have you? The ATC fields randomly disappear while entering them. The weight input box cursor jumps to the last digit and does not behave correctly - either deleting the wrong digit or the entire entry. Make a SimBrief plan with an airliner, then enter the weights in the payload section and make small changes to the payload to adjust CG before starting the flight. The problem will be immediately apparent.

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100% this. I’m sure it actually worked ok prior to SU5 too (or at least it worked “well enough”)

Fuel load, cargo weight? Adjusting these with keys and mouse is now an utter pain in the ■■■■.

Invisible waypoints added that can’t be deleted?

Trying to make one small change to a flight plan you uploaded completely deletes the entire flight plan? Really?

I think the OP nails it. This was designed by people who only ever hit “fly now” and tested with that same philosophy.

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Hey guys I have buds that still work as before any updates. Mine is hosed. I did a full reinstall last week and still not working for me. Those that dont know what this is are probably still working or not using that feature. I got around the tail # by editing the aircraft.cfg of my favorite liveries. Hope they fix it soon.