Payware NZ Flora - Aotearoa-creations (formerly SpritelyNZStudio)

So. Where are all the updates you promised ? Yeah, and dont forget better performance, not a stutter fest ? This mod is beginning to be joke soon. Be aware fellow simmers.


I’m currently working on the next version. I am also very clear about what I am doing and it seems you may not realise the issues and problems that occur when Asobo update the sim.

All developers are contending with issues from lack of SDK documentation to having no detailed specs about anything other then aircraft and airport scenery.

I’m not sure what you are expecting but this project is far from the usual suburb or two that are out there are the only crew who are making global and massive scale changes to scenery are Asobo so please understand this project is not small and for the small amount of money for an entire country reflects my ambition with the project as well as my continued communication. You are able to follow the project on my discord and or website blog or subscribe. The discord link is on the front page of my website at the bottom.

I am getting different feedback from people lot of them say they have some loading stutters but are managing OK with average performance.

I cannot test all systems and settings and so constructive and helpful feedback is important. To start with a harsh comment and have no background info to say what your issue is, doesn’t help and I understand this type of frustration but to say beware is a generalization and is not the same experience everyone has so I would encourage you to speak out about what specs you have so if this is the issue or even the settings you have are impacting the scenery then it is fair to tell people with that same setup but not everyone has this experience and I do want to ensure this works for everyone but of course will always mean reducing quality somewhere to suit everyone.

I am looking at splitting versions of the scenery so that it will have choices depending on hardware and settings for low performance machines and high performance machines.

As a side note this is not my primary income at all so I am not motivated to provide something for a cash grab, I do it for the love of it and the charge helps with the basic overheads but I have allocated time every week to continue development but if I don’t have useful or constructive comments I will not be very receptive to them, primarily if they don’t provide helpful info or are disrespectful, I need to make that clear as I, among most if not all, developers or humans, deserve some basic level of respect. There is a way to get your message across constructively.

If you realized there is alot of work that goes into this sort of development you may be more understanding, but a short and sharp complaint without good info to back the claim is simply not useful or helpful.

I am here to try and improve the experience for people and this is what I will continue to do even through the changing sim platform that has opportunity to break the scenery. So I understand if you are mad or frustrated but I am in no way trying to make things difficult for anybody.

If you can share your settings and computer specs then perhaps I can do something to assist you. This is not a personal dig or moan from me, on the flip side there is a certain level of respect everyone deserves and seeing as you have not reached out at all yet to ask for support I am justified in saying that you need to substantiate your comments first, meaning you help me to help you, that’s the way I work no matter what the issue is.

I Appreciate your interest and hope that you will find the energy to help me help you by sending your specs and settings and tell me when the stuttering occurs and for how long.

I have narrowed this down so far, to the large variations of species I am drawing on as the more variety of species used, the more reduced the performance is, I would rather spend a little more time to flatten this issue out than to throw something out there that will end up in more frustration for some people, it’s common sense really.

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Waste of time and money. Be aware fellow simmers.

I am actually quite happy with the mod and keep it enabled.

For me the performance issues are limited to loading and just after loading a flight. Loading a new flight takes a while, and there are indeed severe stutters for the first 30 seconds or so especially if you pan around. Also for some unfathomable reason panning left is worse than panning right ? go figure.

However if you sit and do your pre-flight and enter a flight plan in the FMS and let the engines warm up as you should, by the time you are ready to fly it is all fine and the rest of the flight is usually stutter free.

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Clearly it is broken for you which is sad.

However - aside from slow loading and some initial stutters - it works fine for me and makes a massive difference to the scenery so do not generalise.

Fair enough to warn people that there may be issues, especially on low to mid level hardware, however many other people actually like this mod and appreciate the work that has gone into it and use it with minimal problems, not everyone has the issues you clearly are experiencing.

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Dont forget high end systems. All the way to NZMF. Its a joke. I am done with this mod. Aint gonna argue anymore. Take care and be safe EdamllamaB and SpritelyNZ.

I am sorry you feel that way. Since this is the very first time you have interacted with me I would have thought that you would have made a previous attempt to get support but this appears to be the first comment.

I am still working on the update and when it is available you will receive notification and I would like to let you know I am still open to helping you, at least to obtain info for future changes. If you change your mind let me know.

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Milford Sound is a mess.

But I have issues there even with the vegetation mod disabled, just with the current update to freeware Milford Sound and freeware Quinton Lodge and the boats addon NZMF uses and the Orbx mesh even when I use the “Orbx friendly” version of NZMF. All of which seemed fine pre-Su5.

Which is a shame as Milford is one of the most interesting parts of NZ to fly around.


NZMF or whatever place. NZMF just popped into my mind.

I have the next version that addresses a lot of the visual issues if not all of them, at least that I can detect. I’m trying to get the performance sorted fully but I may release the next release earlier to address the visual glitches people are reporting, this will then leave only the performance optimisation. I’ll look at a release by the weekend (about 3 days time).

any updates with this in the last 5 months?

Yes. The current available version has been updated in the last few months.

As new features are made available in the SDK I’ll further improve the scenery as much as possible where improvements can be made.


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great. quick question, how does your addon interact with Bijan seasons? do they clash? do they augment each other?


My scenery should take precedence as I set higher layer priorities in the shapefile data file.

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