PC - Archived Weather (FSX ~style) for offline use

Just as the title says.

In FSX, we can use archived weather for ~any given day. Pls can we have this in MSFS2020 for offline use.

You mean so I could choose to fly with the weather as it was on March 3rd 2017, at any given airport?

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Hi there,
I’d be interested to hear your response to hobanagerik’s question. There is a very large historical weather Wishlist topic (so you can fly in yesterday’s or last week’s weather), and if this is the same request, I would like to merge this post into that topic.


Yes, absolutely… but see post below :+1:

I did search but found no topics on the subject.

By merging, does that mean that ‘this’ wishlist request will get buried and then no-one will be aware that it exists.?
Or does that mean that the historic request will come back in the list for all to see.?

If it’s the former, then I would ‘not want’ it merged.
If it’s the latter, then by all means feel free to merge it.

The more people that’s aware of this request, the better.


It will become part of the main topic and add to the vote count.

We don’t want competing requests in Wishlist. For one, it’s documented in the rules that we can’t have duplicates. But even more, when threads compete with each other, you cannot get an accurate vote count of what people want.

I will merge this later today, but I wanted to make sure you saw this first.

A post was merged into an existing topic: Historic Weather (as second timeline)

2 votes have been moved. A vote could not be moved because the user already voted in the other topic.

I went ahead and did the merge.

As stated above, we need to keep Wishlist free of duplicates. Today, we even merged one of my old Wishlist requests into an older Wishlist topic. So it happens to everybody.

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