PC Crashes, can I find a log

Recently, but not after the latest MSFS update, my PC has from time to time simply died while playing FS. It doesn’t happen in any other games, stress tests, and rather than simply crashing FS it actually hangs the PC, and switches it off. I can only recover it by turning it off at the wall, counting to 10 ( to let the LED die) then powering it back on. i’ve turned off all the overclocking, and it either be while loading the sim or flying, VR or non VR. No clear repeatable error except for it being MSFS

I get no error messages on power up, no windows messages, nothing.

Can any one recommend where to start, error logs or anything ?

Have a look in the Event Viewer.

Start with the Windows Logs / System section. You will have to scroll back into the list as restarting the PC will create several new entries. You may look for the red exclamation mark entries.

Also, the Windows Logs / Application can be checked after but, it’s unlikely an app is the cause of your system crash.

If there is nothing in there, you will have to suspect a severe hardware issue.

Many thanks. Lots of errors in there. Now to try and reproduce the crash !

Start with emptying the community folder

Isn’t that the most annoying thing. You set yourself up for a crash and then you can’t recreate one !

That said the clearing out of the content.xml removed a couple of old sceneries which aren’t used , and the deletion of the community folder seems to have settled things down a little

Well …bull’s eye