PC crashes with black picture and constant sound

Hello everybody,
My problem is that my PC, configuration in the attachments, always crashes completely in the game. After that, it works for almost 2 hours and then it happens again.
Black screen and weird permanent sound. Then just press the main switch and completely restart the PC. That only happens with MSFS2020. I have tested other games that work without problems.
The funny thing is that it doesn’t always happen, so it’s not reproducible. Usually it always happens when I put together a flight plan for the first time and click on Go fly. There is also no message or anything.
The PC behaves normally, I have already swapped the graphics driver … I have no idea what it could be.

I hope someone can help me. :slight_smile:

Best Regards André

Have you actually looked in the windows event viewer to see what is causing the crash?

Yes but in log is only the critical event that the pc is restarted with shutdown.
There is no other error. An it happend only in this game. :frowning: