[PC] Flight Simulator 2020 Recruitment

Flight Simulator 2020 Recruitment

We are a gaming community and crew for many piloting games and search members for our new MSFS20 Squadron.

[What we bring:]
• Over 600 digital pilots on Discord
• 3 Custom Coded Bots
• 7300 Subscribers on YouTube
• Fancy Website with Member-Area and exclusive content
• Weekly Trainings and Missions
• Learn from real certified pilots
and a lot more…

[We are looking for:]
• All sorts of players and real pilots or expert pilots for our YouTube Tean

[Requirements to join:]
• Skill Level: All Skill Levels
• Age: No restriction; Videos and Streams are for 18+ (With exceptions)
• Region: Worldwide

Recent Recruitment Video: youtube[dot]com/watch?v=Iwg9dtczHPA
Website: pcpilotscrew[dot]com
Discord: discord[dot]gg/mu3cvWA

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