PC Format and MSFS install

Hello there to everyone. I have MSFS installed in an ssd an the OS in another ssd. I want to fomat my pc. Is there a way in the XBOX app to locate the MSFS SSD after the format?

sure if you mean your C: drive by “I want to fomat my pc”
its not really the xbox app your concerned with, that only installs the ~8gb launcher (i suggest leaving that on C: drive) The Packages installed on first launch by the game is the bulk of the game files

go into windows settings - Apps and Uninstall MSFS from there
this will only remove the ~8gb launcher and should leave the Packages folders where they are
this step is really only needed if you installed the launcher itself on the second drive but will not hurt either way (the launcher is the part thats installed by the ms store previously or the xbox app now, they kinda changed this up not long ago)

then go ahead and format your pc (leave the files/folders associated with msfs on the second drive alone)
after windows is re installed simply install the launcher from the xbox app using default everything this will install less than 8gb to your c: drive
start the game (here is the critical part) when asked where to install the Packages point the game installer to your previous installation on your second drive (you select the folder that holds your Community and OneStore folders)

if your on steam then re install and point steam at the ‘steam library’ on the second drive

then if you want to format the second drive, copy out those 2 folders (Onestore and Community) along with the folder that holds them, reformat and put them back the way they where

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