Pc-fs-base-bigfiles-0.1.80.fspackage MFS

Hello, a little fed up with the installation of MFS. The pc-fs-base-bigfiles-0.1.80.fspackage file never fully loads, sometimes it goes up to 10%, sometimes at 37%, and it comes back to 0%. Why don’t Asobo and Microsoft put this file on a server so we can load it on it?. I’m in ADSL. Thank you.


Hello, same here, I didn’t manage to download this game… this is bad, I do not understand how in 2020, a big company like MS, didn’t manage to create a working downloader !

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in the late afternoon, I’ll try with Proton VPN (a tip that gave a simmer). We’ll see, but it’s true that whoever takes care of the download has almost failed.
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finally, the pc-fs-base-bigfiles-0.1.80.fspackage MFS installation file
ended up settling with Proton VPN, I had to do several server tests, but now it’s the fs-base-soundbanks-0.1.23.fspatch file that’s having a hard time downloading.
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Hello, You have to find a server that does not download too quickly, after the download is long, but it works. Best looks.

Has anyone found an answer to the download problem? I installed the day it was released, Aug 18. I was able to fly with the standard version,(I ordered the premium deluxe). Never did work with the premium version. After update 1.9.30 on 9/30 I have not been able to complete the install. Seems to me the installer needs an update. I followed all the recommendations from FS support, it’s still an issue.
I guess I have to just wait for ASOBO to look into this. So many of us would love to get back in the air.

Once i had troubles with download content update via game I decided to download pirate update via torrent. Just pasted downloaded files to ‘Official’ folder and it worked. Don’t know how ‘legal’ it is but it worked.