PC Performance - To Build/Buy or simply use what I have


Just wanted to throw it out there that I have a 3060Ti and it does great with high settings at 1080p. Also with v sync half refresh rate. For me my CPU is the bottleneck but that will change soon.

Anyway just letting you know the above card is solid.

If budget allows always try to buy future proof. You’ll see in some cases on Amazon for example that a faster AMD CPU might only be £10 or so more than the one below.

hey, he wanted to know what what might end up in a ultra-high end system, i never said it had to be good for MSFS. I’ve seen people purchase them because it has 32+ cores and then wonder why their game runs like doody.

But yeah the TR CPUs are better for multitasking and CPU-heavy apps like running multiple virtual machines on the same computer or 3D digital design. Not to say MSFS won’t run it or run well, they’re very much high end CPUs nonetheless. You just won’t get the same performance/efficiency if you had a 5800X3D for example (that L3 cache tho :biting_lip:)

Storage is disgustingly cheap right now. I picked up a 1TB 980 Pro NVME m.2 for under $100 out the door. You could probably find a 4TB SATA SSD for the same price as a 2TB m.2 drive.

If you can, pick up some more memory, at least 32gb. MSFS will use 16gb of RAM without any effort, which i’ve seen just sitting at an autogen airport with live weather, no traffic and flying the 737 while cold and dark at the gate. That might help with your load times, but probably not a lot.

Also having a ton of airports and other content will increase your load times.

Intel is essentially dumping their 670p NVMe drives since they are out of that market. 2TB with DRAM cache for $60-70. I now own two of them :slight_smile:

noice. I’m somewhat partial to Samsung drives as of late. I have a Crucial 1TB SATA which does the job but i’ve got a 1TB 980 and 500GB 970 in there and lemme tell you the world of difference being able to use full pci-e 4.0 is. Initial load can take up to 10 minutes due to the 300gb of Game and addons. I normally fly the 737 so it’s cached more often than not but even if i loaded a new airframe it takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on the usual factors.

I am looking into an AIO or a new case just to address cooling. I have a Coolermaster Hyper 212x with 2 fans doing pull-push configuration i’ll push 60-70c under load. I wish i had looked during last weeks FNO at SEA, i had 20fps

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I went from 16 to 32 GB of memory and got rid of those micro stuttering so that’s indeed worth it!

In case you like more pc specs and results: ( specs are in the description, settings in the bottom of description)


P.s. following along here, looking to upgrade as well, loads of good information here. Thanks everyone.