#pc PMS50 GNS 530 and WT G3000 Autopilot Nav Functions Not Working Correctly

Steam Version

I first noticed the issue on the King Air. With CDI source is GPS, and NAV is selected with AP engaged, the airplane just banks to the right 20 degrees and flies circles, never capturing the track. This behavior was with the WT G3000 mod.

Now, flying the Carenado Seminole, and the PMS50 GNS 530 mod, GPS NAV AP gives me the same result, and when I select VOR CDI and NAV I bank to left and fly left circles.

The SIM, the planes, and the avionics are all up to date with current models. Any ideas?

I believe you cannot have the WT G3000 installed when using the other MSFS standard GNS & GTN systems…

Do not know if this is what is your issue, but its an know issue, but it seems that Matt has to make that comment daily in the WT Discord, as people keep questioning if it is an issue !!

Matt (nishmaster) [Z-5] Yesterday at 9:17 AM

As was explained previously, the NXi does not use the sim flight planning system. It attempts to sync from the sim as best it can. In this case, the departure you chose ends at ERL per the charts, so this is correct.