PC pre-load option for updates

X BOX users were given the option to pre-load their version of the Simulator a week before the release date. As I have always experienced delays in downloading updates, and it has taken me two days to download one third of update 5, my wish is for the same courtesy to be extended to PC users.
The system would work as follows, a week before the official installation update release, those users with sufficient disc space would be permitted to download all or part of the forthcoming release on to a drive of their choice. Then a week later, on the official update, users would be offered the option of installing from the servers, as now, or from the downloaded file on their computer. This would solve a number of issues.

  1. Users could download the update while still being able to fly the simulator in the week preceeding the release, whereas under the present system I cannot use the Sim until I complete my download, which will take some time.
  2. The load on the servers would be reduced, as some people would pre download, while those with fast Internet connections would be happy to download and install as now after the release date.
  3. By permitting a pre-download, but not a pre installation, all users would be updating their version of the Sim on the same date, but a good percentage would be installing from their computer and not from the servers.

I think this would offer all users the best option and be easier for the users and for the system.

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